Experiential round-up

written by Melina

We are always on the look-out for great experiential activity which is simple and impactful in its execution, whilst also delivering a great brand experience.

Here is our round up of the best of what we’ve seen lately.

Adidas Jump Store

Adidas set up a temporary store for 1 day to promote their new basketball boots with an exclusive appearance by Derrick Rose. Fans had the opportunity to win a free pair of boots if they could jump 10 feet to reach them –  the same height as a basketball hoop.

This is such a brilliantly single-minded execution, as whether participants walked away empty handed or not, they all had a memorable experience of the brand.



KLM High 5

KLM set up two live screens in public spaces in NYC and Amsterdam.The live installation challenged passers-by to create the perfect high-5 with their international counterpart. The best orchestrated pairs were rewarded with city swap tickets to either NYC or Amsterdam.

The campaign demonstrates a clever use of live interaction whilst bringing the public together with a gesture that is recognised the world over.



Mr Kipling Cake Poster

Mr Kipling created an edible poster In London made of more than 13,000 pieces of cake and entitled ‘Life Is Better with Cake’. After the build, the public were invited to eat the poster.

We like this as an execution, as it demonstrates an innovative way of product sampling. Who doesn’t love cake?