TruTV launch, y’all

written by Guest Angel

TruTV is an American channel that has just landed on these shores, showing a selection of original and unscripted all-American programmes, such as Redneck Island, Ink Master, South Beach Tow, and Container Wars.

Last week, we had a team of extra-special Angels staffing the channel’s Launch party.

Aside from tasking us with developing and creating a delicious deep-south menu for the evening, Produce UK asked us to provide them with a selection of top-class Front of House staff, who were also capable of acting as rednecks. Not just acting as rednecks, but inhabiting that redneck character to the core. A strange request for most, but here at Hel’s Angels, we love a challenge!

We focused on the casting of character staff who could also deliver impeccable FOH service. Our attention to detail meant we gave every staff a red-neck name and back story in order to help the staff inhabit their characters and they stayed in character all night, even whilst taking their breaks and being briefed by the Project Manager.

Here’s a special report from the party by Angel Vicky. Sorry, we mean Jamie-Lynn…


Hi y’all, my name’s Jamie-Lynn, I’m the all American female arm wrestling champion. I have a slight anger problem but I am working on it, I mean, I don’t carry a weapon any more…  but if you could not provoke me, well, that’d be just swell.

Here is a picture of Jamie-Lynn:

Yep… she’s a beauty, and she’s pretty much the most fun I’ve had at work. Ever.

The Angels descended on the TruTV channel launch at the Truman brewery as a 38 strong team of mucky-kneed, plaid wearing, straw chewing, double-barrelled first-named, trailer-trash rednecks. Each with their own complex background of estranged husbands, intimate second cousins and explosive love triangles.

The pack adeptly rodeo-ed the fine balance between that certain Alabama, well-meant aggression and the trademark flawless service of Hel’s Angels, and guests quickly settled comfortably into the warm cowboy boots of our colourful community.

After a rowdy reception from our cloakroom girls, the guests were ushered in to the party via the pawn shop (a nod to TruTV show Hardcore Pawn) where they acquired fake dollars which were later revealed to be raffle tickets.  Once in the belly of the beast, the guests dined on a feast of Deep South favourites including gumbo, corn dogs and – of course – Mississippi Mud Pie, all washed down with a gut full of moonshine and Bud.

My personal highlight was our lady Angels forming a flash-mob dance troupe (Jamie-Lynn could not partake, unfortunately, due to an injury in her strong arm. And also, she can’t dance for cotton candy). Like a Texan Pan’s People they drew a crowd with freakishly unified improvised dance routines to heritage pop classics Bon Jovi and Cyndi Lauper.

In the end our l’il redneck hoedown was a roaring success and a great time was had by all. Rather than it being a nasty laugh at a social underclass from across the pond, it was a very affectionate celebration of a culture of extremes. A celebration of the kind of people who hedonistically live to be happy in any way they please without a thought for how they might be perceived or judged by the outside world.

At the Tru TV launch we all felt like that for a night. A piece of Jamie-Lynn will always live on in my heart. Plus there was a Bucking Bronco. Win.

To see more photos from the event, click here to view our flickr album