Skipnics with Pimm’s

written by Melina

It’s Pimm’s O’Clock! All hail the great British tradition that is a keen favourite when barbequing, picnicking and those sunny afternoons down in the pub garden.

A picnic is the perfect way to relax with a refreshing Pimm’s, however a recent study has shown that we’re becoming increasingly frustrated with the levels of construction in the city and lack of green space, meaning we’re slowly having less luscious grass to lay our blankets and baskets upon. Pimm’s solution? Transforming two ordinary skips into an urban oasis, injecting colour, greenery and a slice of the Great British outdoors into the capital.

Grayling paired up with The Persuaders to create beautiful pop-up skip gardens and Hel’s Angels provided top-class ‘workmen waiters’ to be on hand to hand out cans of perfectly mixed Pimm’s and cucumber sandwiches, all for the price of one tweet with #pimmsoclock. We knew the perfect team for the job, and used staff who are in their element while in character, knowing they would play up to the builder stereotype.

Our enthusiastic brand ambassadors had great fun getting the public involved in the campaign, it was a great hit and the stunning weather definitely contributed to the overall success.

One thing is for certain, we are a nation that loves our tradition and Pimm’s is one that will be going strong for years to come.