How To with Hel’s Angels: A Classic Mojito

written by Melina

It’s been very quiet on the blog of late  – and that can only mean one thing – we are BUSY! Oh so busy. Which is fantastic, but it means that come Friday we are definitely looking forward to putting our feet up and having a well-deserved drink.

Therefore it is with great pleasure that we bring you the first in a series of instructional Cocktail videos, filmed and edited by our very talented friend Andrew, and starring our Angels.

As much as we love a bit of experimentation when it comes to our drinks, sometimes what we hanker for is a classic – which is why we’ve started the series with our favourite of all (maybe, choosing your favourite cocktail is a bit like choosing your favourite child, it shouldn’t and can’t be done) – the Mojito. When made badly, which it often is, it can be overly strong or too watery, and always lacks flavour.

When made correctly – the way Hel’s Angels make it – it’s not too sweet, not too strong, and full of fresh citrus and mint flavours.

Watch as Nana, one of our fabulous London bar staff, shows you step by step how to make one perfectly. For each drink, you will need:

one lime / 1 spoon muscovado sugar / about 10 fresh mint leaves / plenty of crushed ice / 50ml Havana Club 3 year old rum / soda water