Hardy’s 1853 club

written by Melina

Last week saw us working alongside the lovely Persuaders, as White Space gallery was transformed by them once again – this time into a pop-up wine bar for Hardy’s Wines. The 1853 Club was open during Chardonnay week, and was created to promote the often misunderstood Chardonnay.

We created a bespoke menu for the event, working closely with the client to create delicious food pairings and canapés. Offerings included the ‘Sommelier’s Selection’, including three diverse Chardonnays from the range paired with artisan cheeses from Alex James Presents. Yes, that Alex James – ex-Blur, now cheesemonger, who was present for the press event. His fabulous cheeses worked perfectly with the wines – busting wide open the myth that white wines and cheese do not go together!

We also provided a team of our best Front of House Angels to staff the event, who attended tastings and briefings beforehand so that they were fully knowledgeable about the wines and food pairings they were going to be serving. Throughout the event, we served wine and cheese to satisfied consumers, advising them on the best pairings. Consumers could book themselves into tasting sessions led by Winebird and Miss Bouquet, assisted by our fabulous tasting room assistant.

Guests who may have come with negative preconceptions of Chardonnay had their opinion totally changed – and if you’re not sure about Chardonnay yourself, we suggest trying a nice cold glass of Stamp Chardonnay/Semillon paired with a nugget of Farleigh Wallop cheese. Prepare to have your mind changed!

Angel Adam holds a tray of sparkling wine