Benefit Criminal Facility

written by Melina

We’ve been busting to talk about this one for a while but due to a press embargo had to keep it under our hats – until now!

If you’ve been in central London recently you may have spotted it – the Benefit Criminal Facility. Venue White Space was unrecognisable both inside and out – made to look like a crime scene from the outside and a prison from the inside. With Benefit’s particular touches of fun and glamour, it was the venue for the press launch of Benefit’s hi-tech new “They’re Real” push-up liner. The Persuaders created this fabulous environment and invited us to be part of it.

The tagline for the event was ‘If easy was a crime” – hence the prison makeover – and as well as providing and creating ‘glamorous’ prison food and cocktails, Hel’s Angels supplied the Prison Officers who ‘policed’ the event.

On arrival, guests were signed in and handed their coats over to one of our Prison Officers, stopping off to get their mug shots taken en route into the main room.

Served a tray of secretly delicious prison grub and offered some excellent cocktails by another of our Prison Officers, they took their seats for the main event – a presentation on the new liner by Benefit Creative Director Julie Bell. At the end of her presentation, to the sounds of sirens, entered Benefit’s “inmates” (In reality, the UK’s head makeup and trends artist Lisa Potter-Dixon and her makeup team), clad in high heels and orange jumpsuits, escorted by our Prison Officers. Whilst our Officers handed out loot bags, the inmates showed how easy it was to apply the new liner by doing it hand-cuffed – not as easy as it sounds!

A brilliant and imaginative job to be involved with. Our Angels loved playing up to the Prison Officer role and were so convincingly authoritative that whilst standing outside the venue they kept getting asked for directions by passing tourists… if only they’d known!