Linwoods Sprinkle Squad

written by Melina

We like to think we’re a healthy bunch in the Hel’s office – we even have a nutritionist in training in our midst. We definitely keep up to speed on health food brands, especially those that actually work, so we were very pleased when Bottle PR got in touch with a request for some Angels to sample Linwoods around the capital.

Linwoods produce a wide range of health blends that can be sprinkled onto food – hence the Sprinkle Squad. What makes Linwoods different is that the nuts, seeds and fruits in their blends are cold-milled, so the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids are exposed and are more easily absorbed by the body, making them more effective than standard milled supplements.

We hand-picked some of our most health-conscious Angels, who were already familiar with the brand and who were fully briefed beforehand in the health benefits of the blend they were handing out. They headed to Covent Garden and then on to Kensington High Street, handing out the samples in record time and directing shoppers towards Linwood stockists Holland & Barrett – consumers couldn’t get enough!

On this occasion they were sampling the Co-Enzyme Q10 blend, packed with flaxseeds, walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts and goji berries. Yum. The blends can be sprinkled onto almost any food – porridge, soups, cereals… even into cakes! It might not make them 100% good for you, but it definitely makes them better …