April Fool’s Day 2014 – our top 5

written by Melina

In the last few years April Fool’s Day has evolved from a morning of pranking your nearest and dearest into an opportunity for brands and companies to see who can pull the wool over our eyes in the most creative way.

As fans of all things experiential and creative, we were looking forward to today to see what the world had up their sleeves.

Below are our top 5 – number 5 being particularly close to our hearts…

King’s College Choir to start using helium

Our favourite for sheer randomness, and with a very British sense of humour – we love how the traditionally ‘stuffy’ King’s College really got themselves into the April Fool spirit.

Samsung’s “Pigeon-powered universal wi-fi”

Quite a believable one – as far as April Fools go – from Samsung, that has got us thinking Fly-Fy is a pretty great idea. After all, pigeons acted as messengers during the war – they’d adapt to those little harnesses pretty well!

Virgin Airline’s “total temperature control”

Richard Branson proving once again that he’s fantastic at keeping a straight face under ridiculous circumstances. In conjunction with home automation company Nest, Virgin America ‘announce’ a new technology that we wish really did exist on planes. And buses and trains too, please.

Google Maps Pokémon

Pleasing our inner nerds, Google went above and beyond with their Google Maps Pokémon Master announcement. Plus, the idea of Pokémon appearing digitally augmented into real-life backgrounds isn’t that far fetched, when attractions such as the Isle of Wight’s Dinosaur trail already exist.


And finally, B&Q announced on their Twitter  – “By popular demand, we’re introducing doggy DIY classes! Hone your hound’s skills with our new You Can Do It workshops”. This one didn’t have us fooled for a minute, as honorary Angel Pablo the Pug was in on it all along – on behalf of Good Relations PR he donned his dog-sized B&Q apron and made his way around London. His owner, Angel Rachel, assures us that he enjoyed every second and has put him forward for Angel of the Month. We think he might be in with a chance…