Whatever the weather

written by Melina

London shoppers sheltering from the rain

Here at Hel’s Angels, we have always been proud of our Angel’s ability to deliver engaging brand messages come rain or shine.  We prepare equally for both – whether making sure we have suntan cream and we give our staff breaks in the shade when the weather shines. Or likewise that we have thermals, waterproof gear and wet weather contingencies at the other end of the weather spectrum.

We also monitor long and short-term weather forecasts, so we can keep the client informed if we believe that contingencies need to be put into place.

But when does it become irrelevant how bright and engaging our brand ambassadors are and how well we prepare them – when being out in extreme weather actually has an adverse effect on the brand itself?

In the type of weather we have had recently, brands should consider the following when making the decision to proceed with outdoor activity:

  • It does not matter how enthusiastic brand ambassadors are – if they are outside in the pouring rain, consumers are not going to stop to hear a brand message. That is unless you are offering them a solution to the weather problem – umbrellas, shelter etc
  • Also take into consideration how the staff look in these conditions – wet and soggy staff and or/hot and sweaty staff aren’t going to best represent the brand
  • Promotional materials can also be effected – what consumer is going to want to take a soggy leaflet?

And finally when consumers are sympathising with the staff and asking, how mean of them to make you stand out in this weather, is this really the brand message you want consumers to walk away with?

Planning is essential but there are times when, for the sake of protecting the brand image, it’s often best to re-schedule the activity.

To help you get the best out of your campaigns no matter what the weather, contact Hel’s Angels: team@helsangels.net.

Here are a few pictures of our Angels out in the elements:

Hel's Angels at a very wet SacrilegeFreezing but happy Angels at the Now TV Pop-up-pitchBrollies blowing inside out on the Samsung Hope RelayBeautiful day for the photography awards...!