The unseen work – the importance of training

written by Melina

How are your plate carrying skills?  Can you pop a champagne cork without screwing your face up in fear? Well our Front of House and Bar Staff Angels sure can!

Last week we trained over 40 members of our team to our exacting standards – everything from boxing a tablecloth, to making the perfect Gin & Tonic and beyond.

A large amount of our work is centred around food and drink so it’s vital that our front of house and bar staff not only look impeccable but also have incredibly high levels of service.  We are committed to delivering beautiful food and drinks for every occasion, perfectly.

We know how important the guest’s experience is because it is even more important to us, which is why we take the time to train our staff to our impeccable standards. So, for example, our Angel trainees were shown the way to turn pouring a glass of wine from something everyday into something stunning.

Training isn’t just about impeccable service, but quick and efficient service as well.  We train our staff how to clear plates properly so that service is fast and smooth, we teach them how to set up an event bar so it looks great and functions perfectly.  It’s the finer details that go unseen that hugely enhance the guest’s experience.  Attention to detail is key, everything needs to look delectable, taste superb and be served beautifully and quickly. With excellent back of house structures in place, our service can be consistently excellent each and every time.

And it goes without saying that our front of house and bar staff are just as bright and engaging as our promotional staff, which means that our guests get the best of both worlds and allows us to work across all event sectors, from private functions to immersive consumer experiences and corporate events.

the perfect pour

making the perfect gin and tonic