Flo’s First Three Months at Hel’s Angels

written by Melina

Ever wondered what it is like working in the Staffing Department of a busy agency? Our new Senior Account Executive Flo Reavie-Corker reports back on her first three months at Hel’s Angels and her thoughts on joining the HA family.

I joined Hel’s Angels at the end of November last year as a Senior Account Executive. I mainly assist with staff bookings and everything that comes with it, as well as managing my own jobs. My background is predominantly event staffing and I have worked for a couple of large experiential agencies in the four years I have been in the industry. Although Hel’s Angels is a smaller agency in terms of the size of their office team, they certainly make up for this with their impressive selection of clients, meticulous and experienced approach to their campaigns and an excellent reputation in the events world. It’s all about quality here.

What also struck me instantly about Hel’s Angels was the fantastic rapport that they have with their staff. Whether it’s the fact that they meet all their staff in person before working with them or that the majority of the staff have been on the books for several years, there’s a real close-knit, almost family-like relationship. Staff welfare is so important and this is something that Hel’s Angels always upholds in the highest regard. And, in turn, the staff love working here too.

I really enjoy the variety our line of work brings, and I can assure you, it has not been short of that at Hel’s Angels so far. Whether it’s organising 40 people for a top-secret PR stunt, recruiting staff to dress up as pieces of toast or trying to find face painters in the Scottish Highlands, there is rarely a dull moment here. I often like to work on the jobs myself too, as I find it’s a great way to meet the staff and see first hand what you’ve been working on in the office, come to life.

Other than helping to organise our fabulous jobs, I think the most random thing I have done here so far is attempting to wrap four giant beanbags in cling film (don’t ask). It’s a lot harder than it sounds! I have also found that I seem to have gained knowledge on the strangest things since being here – for example I can tell you exactly how much a ‘morph suit’ costs, all about different types of ‘tweed’ and exactly what a ‘muddler’ is. As you can imagine, another thing I have learnt is that Google really is my best friend.

It’s a real pleasure to be part of such a talented team; and there are lots of great things on the horizon so I think it’s definitely a really exciting time to be part of Hel’s Angels. Bring on the next three months!