Top 3 Alternative Valentines

written by Melina

Here at Hel’s Angels, we don’t mind a bit of love stuff but as we are always on the lookout for interesting and immersive experiences, we thought we’d give you a round-up of our top 3 alternative valentines activities.

1. A Darker Valentines

Top of our list is this collaboration between Kraken Rum and Miss Cakehead – a “Florist selling rum as dark as the Kraken’s ink“. The installation will be in situ at Kingly Court, Carnaby Street on the 14th and will sell black roses and small bottles of Kraken rum as tokens of affection, with the money raised going to charity Project Redsand. The roses are created by placing dark red roses in vases filled with a Kraken’s ink in place of water and are part of an ongoing project called Kraken versus Cupid.

2. Edible Stories

Always fans of an experiential dining experience, this one really will attack all the senses.  On Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th of February (so still a chance to get down there tonight!), Chef Jonty Franks will create a nine-course meal in which every dish will relate to a different chapter of a secret well-known love story.  As well as the menu, the lighting, music and way in which guests eat their food will also play a part in the experience.

3. The Tunnel of Love

And finally this is one that is for everyone, not just couples.  From the 13th until the 16th February, Vauxhall Village will be celebrating the Valentines weekend by showing films inside a disused railway arch. Our favourites from the movie menu include Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo & Juliet and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Attendees will be provided with wireless headphones and blankets for a cosy viewing experience, as well as having access to the bar, flower stall, photo booth and chocolate fondue.

Whatever you end up doing this weekend, enjoy yourself and use it as a reminder to truly appreciate the special people in your life – whether you’re single or partnered up! And let us know if you go to any of the above events – we may well be elbowing you out of the way for a black rose in Kingly Court tomorrow…