Inside a Hel’s Angels Interview Day

written by Melina

With the work that we do and the services we provide, what is crucial to Hel’s Angels as a company is all round amazing staff. Therefore our recruitment and interview processes are carefully designed to ensure that we only find the best of the best to take onto our books and get out in the field.

Potential Angels apply through our database, Hel’s Hub, where their profiles are reviewed by our staffing team. We look for personality and enthusiasm as much as we look for experience and skills, and the profiles that catch our eye get put through to the next stage and invited to Interview.

We run 5 London interview days throughout the year, and various regional interview sessions that are conducted around the country by our Angel Ambassadors – regional Angels who have been with the company for a long time and understand exactly what we look for in an Angel.

At the end of January, we held our first London interview day of 2014, and this is what happened!

6:30am: It’s an early start as some of us are driving up from Brighton – in order to beat the rush hour crawl into London and arrive at our venue with plenty of time to set up, we need to be well on our way by the time the sun is coming up. Ouch.

9:00am: We arrive at our venue in South West London – a beautiful photography studio that we’ve been using as a base for the past few years. There’s time for a coffee whilst we set up our rooms and fire up the projectors, and before we know it our first two groups are starting to arrive.

9:30am: Alice stations herself downstairs to greet and register interviewees as they come into the building. The venue is large and it can be confusing for people as to where they need to go, so we ensure we’re there with a smile as soon as they arrive. It’s also used for celebrity photoshoots – some interviewees last summer were trying out their best jokes on Greg and John from Masterchef in the canteen…

10:30am: Groups 1 & 2 are underway. Our directors Helen and Kim take a group each, with Staff Booker Suzie and Senior Account Executive Flo sitting in. Out of the office team, Suzie and Flo speak to our Angels the most, so it’s really useful for them to meet everyone at our interview days, and nice for our new Angels to be able to put a face to the voice at the end of the phone.

11:30am: After the interview session itself, our professional photographer Richard takes photos of each interviewee for their staff profiles – it’s great to have our own top quality photos, it really helps to tie our staff profiles together and allows clients to get a real feel for who our Angels are. After their photos have been taken, they’re free to go – and we get together to feedback on the sessions.

12:30pm: Groups 3 & 4 are well underway. It’s always fascinating to hear the wide range of skills and experience that potential Angels come with… in one group we had balloon modelling, stilt walking, face painting, tap dancing, fire-breathing, puppetry, horticulture and even neuroscience! (These were spoken about, not demonstrated. That would have made for a spectacle, but we’d probably have been thrown out)

2:00pm: Lunch – always looked forward to, especially as the food in our venue is wonderful. This interviewing lark makes you hungry! This time is another chance for us to feedback on interviewees as a group. Whilst fighting over who gets the last of the chips.

3:00pm: The last two groups of the day begin. This afternoon, amongst others, we met a professional Butler, flair bartender, some professional dancers, actors, a band manager, models, the owner of a pop up cocktail bar, and a ’singing coal miner’ – and we’re pleased to report, they were all Angel material! Unfortunately there are always a few people who we make the decision not to take on, even after interview, but this is one of the reasons we feel it is so important to meet people face to face.

5:00pm: We’re done for the day! We pack up whilst finishing feeding back on our last few groups, and go our separate ways with the satisfaction of a successful day. All that remains is for Alice to get back to all the interviewees the next day. We’ll leave you with some quotes from our newest Angels that we hope stand as proof that our process works.

“I felt very welcomed and at ease… I found it very enjoyable and the friendly, personable and professional staff made me really want to work for and with the company.”

“You were a lot more friendly… it was better than any other agency interview I’ve ever been to because I felt like we were treated like humans, rather than a cattle market.”

“It felt like you genuinely wanted to get to know each person and hear about our experience and skills. Also when we were asked how we heard about Hel’s Angels you knew the people we mentioned. You just seemed to know the people on your books and that made the interview atmosphere very friendly and safe.”