Mocktail of the Week: Earl Grey & Hibiscus Iced Tea

written by Melina

a jar of hibiscus flowers in syrup

2014 is upon us! We’re easing into the blog this year by continuing our Cocktail of the Week series. We were going to welcome the new year in with a recipe for a wonderful rum cocktail – but in the spirit of the January detox, and for those of you who are doing the Dryathlon, we’re shelving that for a future post and instead have Jen’s fabulous Earl Grey & Hibiscus Iced Tea. A delicious twist on a popular drink, and extremely simple to make. Learn to make it now, and whip it up in the summer – perfect piled high with ice whilst sitting in the sun.

  • Brew 6 Earl Grey tea bags in a litre of boiled water in a bottle/ jar
  • Add half a cup of dried Hibiscus blossoms*
  • Once cooled, seal the lid and place in the fridge over night
  • Strain and serve chilled
  • You can sweeten with simple sugar syrup, or add other ingredients such as orange slices, star anise, or a couple of sprigs of thyme. Experiment away!

*You can find dried Hibiscus blossoms in some health food stores for very little (for example), or splash out on whole blossoms in Syrup, which are available in high-end delis and larger supermarkets (And Lakeland…!).