The 12 Posts of Christmas 9: A Christmas Checklist

written by Melina

When it comes to Christmas, Angel Suzie is so full of festive joy you’d think she’d been raised in the North Pole. (She’s rather small too… coincidence? We think not.) So with two days to go, she’s given us her list of last minute festive faves to get us all ready for the holidays.

  • Get baking. Whether it’s pie, crumble, mince pies or gingerbread. Dust of your mixing bowl and get cracking! I love my simple gingerbread recipe the most – keep your eyes open for it to be shared tomorrow! Put on a festive film or CD whilst you work for extra added joy.
  • Mix things up a little. Instead of your go to party mixer, mix things up a little and stock up on some fresh new ingredients in time for Christmas day. You can find some of our favourite Christmas drinks here.
  • Watch only films that include Santa for the next 48 hours. Our favourites include: Bad Santa / Elf / Santa Claus the Movie / Christmas on 34th Street / Home Alone / Scrooge / Trading Places / White Christmas / The Santa Clause
  • Get yourself a good piece of Christmas attire. Yes jumpers are unflattering and festive socks may be garish, and yes your big sister might think they’re a crime against fashion. But they’re toasty warm, are worn for only one month of the year and are good for the soul.
  •  Subject your colleagues to very loud Christmas songs. And sing along. Loudly. In order to be completely filled with festive spirit, the Elf Sountrack or That’s What I Call Christmas must be played. (Editor’s note: the rest of the office are not entirely in agreement with this one…)

If all else fails pop on a Santa hat, open the Quality Street and consider yourself Christmassy.