The 12 Posts of Christmas 8: What caught our eye at Christmas

written by Melina

As an addition to our earlier post, here’s a festive twist – some of the best Christmas PR stunts we’ve spotted over the past few weeks.

Don’t watch this if you’re feeling emotional – Canadian airline WestJet performed a true Christmas miracle for lucky passengers on one of their flights. We don’t want to ruin it – just watch it and get ready for your eyes to well up.

Another North American travel company bringing some true Christmas cheer is Amtrak, with their magic piano placed in Chicago’s Union Station. The hidden techno-wizardry involved a pianist absconded in a nearby room, whose keyboard was wired to remotely control the public piano in real time.

A smaller one from our side of the pond. Cath Kidston caused a stir with the unveiling of a giant gift at Marble Arch – it burst open to reveal two branded taxis which then, joined by others, travelled in convoy to the new flagship store.

And finally, it’s back across the Atlantic with “#xmasjammies” – over 12 million views in less than a month. We shared this on our twitter last week, and what appears to be a very well produced alternative to a Round Robin turns out to be a advert for their family company. Sneaky. But brilliant.