The 12 Posts of Christmas 7: Alice’s top photos from 2013

written by Melina

Alice takes care of all our media and as a result every photo that comes back from a job is filtered through her. She’s picked a selection of her favourite photos that have come back from 2013 – alas some of them we’re not allowed to upload so will have to remain for our own personal enjoyment!

Waterstone’s Book Booth“This is a photo that went out on our Twitter whilst we were touring with the Waterstone’s book booth – our team was bumping into celebrities of all kinds!”

Arrested Development Banana Stand“Anyone not familiar with Arrested Development probably has no idea what is going on here – but when we were asked to provide some Never-Nudes/Blue men to celebrate the release of the latest season of Arrested Development on Netflix, we knew it was a photo opportunity that couldn’t be missed.”

Hilton Hotels Vacationitis“This is a photo from the Hilton Vacationitis job. Angel Jack, caught in motion in the background with his white coat trailing in the wind, clipboard poised and an intense expression, looks like he’s just stepped off a hospital drama!”

Kia“Purely and simply because they look gorgeous, and this photograph captures Angels Rhi & Melkorka at their smiley best.”

VEVO Halloween“For exactly the same reason as the Kia ladies above!”

PIMM’s Summer Garden“This photo screams Summer and Pimm’s O Clock! It also shows the interior of the Pimm’s potting shed, my favourite part of the Pimm’s summer garden”

Windows Surface“I particularly enjoy this one as Angel Fred appears to have captivated two seperate members of the public at the same time.”

King’s Cross Journeys Festival“These photos were another highlight for me and it was hard to pick just one – fantastic costumes and terrifying teeth from all involved!”

Ted Baker“From our Instagram – Angels looking incredibly dapper for an in-store event with Ted Baker.”

Surviving Actors Fair“When we received the photos of potential Angels we met at the Surviving Actors Fair in Manchester, this gem was nestling right in the middle. Angel Aaron being a recruitment machine!”

Tesco’s World’s Biggest Eton Mess – before and after“Pose nicely for a team shot – then let yourself go!”