The 12 Posts of Christmas 6: From the office: top moments of 2013

written by Melina

We’ve already shared some of our Angel’s favourite moments, and now it’s over to some of our office team to share their own favourite moments of 2013…

“Seeing 20 staff walk around the financial district of London all suited and booted with totally blue faces certainly caused a stir. That was a good fun activity for Cloud Talent and the resulting press saw our guys featured in the Evening Standard, the Metro and several online publications. The client was delighted with the staff and the coverage.” Hannah, Senior Project Manager

“I think the best thing we were involved with this year was the PIMM’s summer garden because it combined all the things we are really amazing at: highly trained energetic brand ambassadors and beautiful food served in an immersive environment.” Nicole, Head of Production

“Meeting so many lovely new Angels at the London interviews! And then watching them be fantastic out in the field” Suzie, Staff Booker

“I’ve only been in the office for a very short time, but my top moment so far is probably meeting all the great staff, both in the office and out in the field. I have been really impressed by the quality of the field staff at Hel’s Angels, and the strong relationships we have with them, compared to other agencies I have worked for.” Flo, Senior Account Executive

“My top moments are always when we get fantastic feedback from our staff (new and old), when they tell us that they have loved working on a campaign, or loved the team they worked with, or when they say that we are the best agency to work for!” Kim, Director