The 12 Posts of Christmas 12: Happy Christmas!

written by Melina

Happy Christmas!

Now we start looking forward to 2014, so what hopes do some of our office team have for Hel’s Angels in the approaching year?

“I’ve got my fingers crossed for some more beauty related jobs – definitely an area I can lend a hand to.” Suzie, Staff Booker

“That we get to show our production expertise!” Nicole, Head of Production

“To find hundreds of fantastic new Angels in all corners of the country, and get our social media up there with the best!” Alice, Media and Recruitment

“To continue to see the company grow and expand and to keep doing what we do best.” Hannah, Senior Account Manager

“Finding more amazing staff, getting more great clients, and working on more fab campaigns. Bring it on!” Flo, Senior Account Executive

“To get a really lovely chocolate brand (ideally Lindt!)” Kim, Director

“Hoping that we go from strength to strength – and get some wonderful production work in!” Helen, Director

With this being the final of our 12 posts of Christmas, all we’ve got left to give you this year is two playlists – one for Christmas, and one that is definitely NOT Christmas – depending whether you’re all christmassed out! Click the corresponding images below.

Have a fantastic New Year and rest of Christmas – and we’ll see you in 2014!