The 12 posts of Christmas 1: Cocktail(s) of the Week

written by Melina

Christmas is but 2 weeks away, and the end of year lists are coming out. Everywhere we look there’s a top ten, and we’re sticking our oar in. Repeatedly.

We’ve saved up some excellent content and between now and Christmas Day we’ll be publishing 12 fabulous blogs, covering all sorts including our favourite jobs, what caught our eye in 2013, the Hel’s Angels year in review and more – plus some contributions from our Angels.

So, to kick this blogathon off, and in Hel’s Angels ‘Cocktail of the Week’ tradition, here’s some of our favourite festive tipples – hopefully a bit of inspiration for any upcoming drinks parties…

Champagne. Say no more. Nicole, Head of Production

A well made Mulled Cider is really rather scrummy and to me is Christmas in a cup. I have no tips on how to make it but I do have a tip on where to drink it. Middle Farm, just outside of Brighton, know exactly how it should taste. Whilst you are there sampling their Christmas cider you might want to tuck into the other 150 or so ciders they have… Hannah, Senior Account Manager (Click here to view our favourite mulled cider recipe from a previous cocktail of the week!)

Christmas for me means gin & tonic. Last year I learnt how to make it Spanish-style. Fill a stemmed balloon glass with LOTS of ice, put your garnish on top – I like grapefruit – and pour a double measure of Tanqueray over the garnish so it infuses. Then top up with freshly opened tonic water – fever tree if you’re feeling really fancy. Keep the gin/tonic ratio to 2:1 – if it’s good enough for my partner’s Aunty Lola it’s good enough for me! Alice D, Media & Recruitment

Poinsettia – the cocktail, not the plant – a mixture of prosecco, cranberry juice, and a little bit of triple sec or grand marnier – pink and fizzy and delicious! Suzie, Staff Booker. (A good recipe can be found here)

I like the refreshing mix of elderflower syrup, fresh mint & prosecco –  the best part is it can also be frozen and used as a palate cleanser. Perfect for breaking up a heavy Christmas dinner! Kim, Director

All the above drinks would be gladly received but our favourite has to be Helen’s creation – think we’ll be raiding the cupboards to make one of these tonight:

A recent invention that I have (temporarily) named “Helen’s Spicey Rum Rummy Apple-y Thing”. Catchier name pending. Havana, cinnamon syrup and apple juice, shaken, topped up with ginger beer, served in a highball over plenty of ice.Top with a slice of apple and a slice of lime. Helen, Director