Black Bottle Whisky

written by Melina

A sensory experience was enjoyed by those attending the annual Scottish Licensed Trade News Awards on Thursday 8th November at The Hilton, Glasgow.

Three Hel’s Angels looked after those visiting the Black Box for Black Bottle Whisky, an experiential experience created by The Bigger Event. Dressed head to toe in black the Angels ushered guests into the blacked out room and sat them around a table. In the corners of the room ominous looking wooden cases holding the liquor stood, lit only by candle light adding to the eerie feel. The guests were treated to a short film about the heritage of the brand while our Brand Ambassadors enhanced their senses by spraying atomisers of cinnamon and peat flavouring into the air to reflect the signature notes of the drink.

The culmination of the 10 minute sensory adventure was a spectacular fire ball blowing out from the middle of the tasting table and spotlights shooting light through the tabletop and up through the glasses of whisky which had been placed in front of the guests to sample.
Our Angels at the Black Bottle Whisky Black Box event