King’s Cross Journeys Festival

written by Guest Angel

Hel's Angels - a victorian gentleman thief!

Produce commissioned Hel’s Angels to design and script some authentic Victorian characters for the King’s Cross Journeys festival. We asked Neville Grabbitt, our Victorian Gentleman Thief Extraordinaire, to recount the day’s festivities.


“Wretched houses with filth everywhere. Men and women, in every variety of scanty and dirty apparel, lounging, scolding, drinking, smoking, squabbling, fighting, and swearing.” Charles Dickens  

Shrouded in a grim and gritty fog of Granary Square, the sound of scoundrels and vagabonds resounded through the streets of King’s Cross this weekend.

Unsuspecting well-to-do types who strayed too far into these murky mists were swiftly swept up into the underworld of a Victorian slum.

There they found a plethora of undesirable slum-dwellers, played by our Angels, all busy chaunting, hollering and hawking their wares.

From a Fishwife to Flower-girl, a Barrow-boy to a Bone-grubber, all walks of life were there.

Meanwhile, as a Matchstick girl and a Rat-catcher went about their work, the Beadle of the slum kept the Gentleman Thief, a Lady of the night and the Opium den keeper under control.

Well-heeled ladies, dapper gents and their little whippersnappers were cajoled and coerced into the horseplay and tomfoolery of the sideshows and games.

With Crockery Smashing, Wet Sponge Stocks, Dolly Peg making and a Coconut Shy, families had a right royal knees up with our slum-dwelling characters.

They could even step into a Victorian Portrait Parlour, get dressed up and pose for a souvenir photograph.

Passing through the slums, pressing onward to explore the rest of the King’s Cross Journeys event, families could find a vast array of experiences, including Penny-Farthing races, Funfair rides, a stage show and even a music hall singalong!

Lord, love a duck, guv’nor! What a grand old way to celebrate and explore the gritty past of King’s Cross!Some of Hel's Angels Victorian Characters

Some of Hel's Angels Victorian Characters at the Coconut ShyIt's the stocks for you! some of Hel's Angels Victorian Character staff