How do you measure the value of live brand experience?

written by Melina

Hel's Angels brand ambassador making origami cranes with customers for Suntory Whisky

Being at the forefront of brand activation, Hel’s Angels are often asked to estimate KPIs – after all it will be our staff interacting with the general public.

But simply reeling off the number of interactions we can have with the consumer, doesn’t really give our clients a true indication of how they can truly measure live brand experience.

If a product needed explaining and demonstrating, our figures would be based on meaningful, targeted interactions.  This however would limit the number of people we could interact with over the course of the campaign.

Hel's Angels explaining to customers how things work with Mizuno

So this begs the question – what is most important, quality or quantity?

If what a client requires is a surge in Facebook likes or a spike in twitter activity around the time of a campaign, then setting KPIs based on quantity will certainly be seen as a successful measure.

But if what we want to achieve is brand advocacy, or the start of an ongoing conversation with our consumers, how can KPI figures truly measure this?

We work at both ends of the scale, large-scale sampling and highly targeted brand interaction and we love doing both types of work but the style of sampling has to be right for the product.  So whether mass sign-up or targeted consumers is the goal, it surely should be about what is right for the consumer in order to get them to engage with the brand?

Hel's Angels Interacting with customers for Turkish Airlines

Hel's Angels running data capture for Kia