a Summer of Kia once again!

written by Guest Angel

Hel's Angels for Kia - our smiley Kia ladies

**Guest Blog from ‘Kia Lady’ Rhi**

A few years ago, I finally gathered enough courage (and money!) to learn to drive, and a little late in life discovered the proper joy of a long drive in a decent car. And thanks to Hel’s Angels and Kia, over the last two years I’ve discovered the enormous enjoyment of really, really knowing your cars.

I’m part of a fab team of Angels who work for Kia Motors – the ‘Kia Ladies’ as our lovely client terms us.

Kia’s enthusiasm for their brand and appreciation of our efforts is pretty un-paralleled – I always look forward to working with them. At the beginning of each event season we have a very detailed training session at the Kia headquarters; topping up our knowledge and introducing new features and product details. This year we were introduced to the Procee’d GT, Kia’s first performance vehicle – a beautifully designed car that proved a real hit when we took to the road.

Although we do a number of events for Kia, one of our main activities this year was Car Fest. The brainchild of Chris Evans, this family friendly festival takes place over two long weekends (one north, one south) and although there is music, it really puts cars ‘centre stage’.  It has a great atmosphere and we all said we’d love to visit if we weren’t busy working it next year.

The Kia stand really dominated; as well as showcasing 6 cars from the range, we had a giant mobile phone charging area and a huge bouncy castle – so while parents were charging up, children could charge around! We spoke to hundreds of people about the cars, many of them ready to test our knowledge, as they were real automobile enthusiasts.  We also gave the public the chance to enter to win an amazing “Year of Sport”  – a trip to New York, Rio AND Melbourne to watch live sport – there is still just about time to enter, so run – or drive – to a Kia dealership now!

We also popped up at the Kia Oval throughout the summer, handing out banners to cricket fans, firing t-shirts into the eager crowd at half time, encouraging entries into the brilliant comp and showcasing the Procee’d GT.  In addition, we helped run the Kia catch competition – any spectator that caught a six was rewarded with a cool 1000 pounds! On my first shift, someone only went and caught it! A very exciting summer of Kia fun.

Hel's Angels collecting data capture at a Kia eventAngel Mel interacts with a child at a Kia eventHel's Angels collecting data capture at a Kia event

Hel's Angels for Kia - our smiley Kia ladies