10 things we learnt from Social Media Marketing 2013

written by Melina

Last week we attended Social Media Marketing 2013 run by Our Social Times. They had amassed together a number of interesting speakers, including Doug Kessler, Dom Dwight at Yorkshire Tea, Katy Howell and the brilliant David Schneider, who gave their views on everything from the future of instagram to how brands can use humour on twitter.  Here are our top ten social media take-outs from the conference:

  1. The trick for social media success is for brands to look human – so whether that is using humour on twitter or showing consumers that they are being listened to by real people – we empathise much more with human values rather than corporate messages
  2. Instagram is an important social media tool for brands – posts get 100 times more engagement than tweets and amasses 1.2b likes daily (stats provided by nitrogam)
  3. The # is the future of social media, it is the standard for pulling in conversations across all social media platforms
  4. Websites should be seen as a social hub – a way to curate the best of your social media content, to spark engagement and connect with your audience
  5. Brands can’t control the customer journey anymore. Conversations about brands are happening all the time via social media and brands need to be part of these conversations, not just driving messages
  6. A structured, documented strategy is needs for social media – it’s no longer acceptable to just say we need to be on there – content needs to be targeted, have a purpose and a benefit. In this way social media content can become a focus for lead generation
  7. Social media is becoming the responsibility for the whole organisation, from customer service through to the CEO.  It can’t just be the responsibility of the marketing/PR department, a much more joined-up offering is needed for brands to succeed
  8. Aim for ‘home run’ content – content that is brave, resonates and is shareable
  9. Brands need to monitor conversations, sentiments & themes to help improve their offering
  10.  Be funny on twitter – or more importantly, have a brand personality that is genuinely human. Be topical, listen and respond

You may be asking what relevance does this have for the work that we do?  It’s important to remember that we can no longer see live brand activation as a stand-alone marketing solution. For true conversations to be had between brands and consumers, live activity needs to join up all the dots – engage with your target audience before, during and after to start and carry on conversations.

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