Sunday Times Driving

written by Melina

Hel's Angels for Sunday Times driving

To celebrate the launch of the new Sunday Times Driving website,, ordinary members of the public were challenged by members of the Hel’s Angels team to construct a 16 piece giant puzzle in the fastest time possible. There were two life-size polystyrene puzzles – a Porsche 911 and a Range Rover – and whoever managed to complete them in the fastest time won an iPad mini.

Suffice to say it became VERY competitive. Activities like these are great brand activation, because it gets people physically involved. It’s disruptive – stopping people in their tracks – and creates positive engagement with the brand.

We had teams of all ages, children, grandparents, couples, families, friends and also complete strangers competing together to become Sunday Times Driving champions. So much so, that many people who weren’t lucky enough to win on a certain day came back the next day to have another go!

It was fantastic fun and our outgoing team of Brand Ambassadors worked tirelessly throughout the weekend – good stamina and the ability to keep your energy high is a must on a job like this. As well as engaging passers by and overseeing the competition, they helped the competitors with their team strategies and made sure they left the shopping centre with the Sunday Times at the front of their mind.

Hel's Angels for Sunday Times driving