The importance of tech-savvy staff

written by Melina

At Hel’s Angels, one request that we get over and over is for tech-savvy staff who are comfortable using or demonstrating whatever technology is thrown their way.

As a result of this, we have developed a team of staff that can meet the technical needs of consumers whilst also being able to deliver key messages in an engaging manner. Getting the balance right is key to a successful campaign – our staffers have to give the tech-geeks a run for their money whilst ensuring they aren’t alienating people who want to understand the product on a more basic level.

This approach is the key to our success and is why we have worked for several years on a variety of campaigns for Windows, demonstrating their phone, laptop and tablet ranges.

Hel's Angels for Windows SurfaceAngel Ivy showing a customer the Windows phoneAngel Tom showing a customer the Windows surface tablet

But how do other companies approach this conundrum?  We sent our most tech-savvy Angel Nana to an Intel showcase, to find out if other brands are also getting it right. Read his report below:

“Tucked away under the physically and aesthetically cool setting of Old Spitalfields market, was a large marquee showcasing the latest gadgets powered by hardware giant Intel. Kids and adults alike were engaging with energetic staff, and there was a definite emphasis on fun with lots of games being played, rather than stuffy displays of technical info. Intel, being arguably the market leader when it comes to the brawn behind today’s most intelligent gadgets, were definitely looking to appeal to all.

The showcase coincided with the release of Intel’s fourth generation processing chip. After satisfyingly confounding the first two kids in Intel t-shirts with my line of technical questioning, I was presented to Mark, who was “the most techy guy in the space”. That’s when things got (un)interesting: turbo boost, hyper threading, cache size, yada-yada-hoohaa… Mark was very informative and reminded me that my geekiness stemmed from a hobby.  After thanking him for the technical humbling, he made me aware of the day’s ongoing competition, using a twitter tag to which any photos should be labeled. There wasn’t a clumsy data capture card/Facebook login page/”I promise we won’t send you spam” initiative in sight.

But it wasn’t just about the gadgets, people were also there to win prizes! At specific points, the crowd was encouraged to look into a camera situated in a top corner of the space, and go nuts. Whoever was deemed the craziest would win a laptop/tablet. This was, unsurprisingly, very popular.

The organisers didn’t miss a trick, taking advantage of the swelling crowd to schedule presentations. First, a jovial compère introduced Azure, the Intel Global Ambassador flown in from the US, who treated us to a poem called “Look Inside”, before we watched a touching video on how Intel drives education in deprived parts of the world. Then it was time to go crazy. The crowd yelped their way to three Samsung Slate tablets. Rounds of applause ensued, delighted strangers hugged their new toys, then it was back to playing with the flashing, bleeping displays, dreaming if my next pay packet could get me one…

Well done Intel for delivering a fast-paced mix of performance, teaching and downright madness, to aptly promote their fast-evolving top class products – I can only see them in a better light after that experience!”