Giant Eton Mess

written by Melina

Here at Hel’s Angels we love a challenge and when the Persuaders asked us to help them create a recording breaking giant Eton Mess for Tesco, we couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

Our chefs were meticulous in their planning and it took several attempts to work out how we would get 100 litres of double cream, 850 meringue nests and 50kg of fresh berries to hold together in a giant martini glass.  But we persisted and when it came to assembling the 167kg dessert live in the middle of Soho Square in London it all went seamlessly.

And our amazing team of brand ambassadors were also on hand to dish out mini portions of our record breaker to the passing public as part of Tesco’s Love Every Mouthful campaign.

See how it all came together here.