“Cocktail” of the week…?

written by Melina

We’ve got something a bit different for you this week. Actually, we’ve got something pretty different up our sleeves for you for the next couple of weeks… but this week, we have something in honour of this weekend’s Notting Hill Carnival, where we’ll be running the mighty Sancho Panza bar for the 10th consecutive year.

Last year, our drinks sponsor was Passoã – a passion fruit liqueur – sweet, deliciously fruity and perfect for a summery cocktail.

‘Aha,’ we thought, ‘we’ll be able to theme our Friday cocktail to this year’s drinks sponsor!’. This year, our sponsors are Kozel and Lech – Czech and Polish beers, respectively. Delicious beers, but not as easy to theme a cocktail around. Never ones to back away from a challenge, this week we present you with… the BEERTAIL.

Mixing beer with other drinks is not a new thing – Spain has Claras, Mexico has Micheladas, Germany has Drecksacks, Krefelders and Diesels… and we have the far-less-exotic sounding Shandy. So it only seems logical that alongside the rise of craft beers and the inevitable invention of beer sommeliers, beer cocktails have started to emerge and are actually… pretty darn tasty. There’s even a whole blog dedicated to Beer Mixology.

We had a little trawl around and found a gorgeous recipe for a ‘Beer Berry Bramble’ cocktail – it does require the use of a fruit beer such as Früli – but we might try and make it with some Kozel and add a splash of fruity liqueur instead…

Anyway, whatever you decide to make, if you’re down in London for Notting Hill this weekend, make sure you elbow your way to the Sancho Panza bar – we won’t be making you a beer-tail but we can promise we’ll have all sorts of delicious concoctions… and plenty of beer!

Photo from the Crepes of Wrath blog.

Beer Berry Bramble

adapted from the Crepes of Wrath. Makes 2 drinks.

  •  3 blackberries & 3 raspberries
  • 4 shots of dry gin
  • Juice of 2 lemons
  • 2 shots of sugar syrup
  • Small bottle of fruity wheat beer – or a light, clear beer – your choice!
Put your fruit in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Muddle with a wooden muddler or a large spoon, then add in your gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Fill with ice and shake well for 10 seconds. Strain into two chilled glasses, top with beer, and garnish with an additional berry or two.