Alice’s cocktail of the week: Aperol Spritz

written by Melina

This week it’s over to me to provide you with the Friday cocktail. I hold my hands up now and say that out of everyone at Hel’s Angels, my cocktail knowledge is meagre – but stick with me.

Most drinks that I hold dear act as reminders to me of special places and fun times, and this one is no exception, coming from a recent holiday in Italy.

We’d been in Italy for a few days and I’d seen people of all ages drinking a bright orange beverage that I was pretty certain wasn’t Irn Bru. During my usual drinks menu indecision, I watched as a pair of glamourous Italian ladies were brought the very same bright orange drinks, garnished with slices of orange. I took a risk, asked for what they were having – and my love affair with the Aperol Spritz began!

I returned to the UK proudly brandishing my duty-free bottle of Aperol in order to wow everybody with this ‘new’ discovery… only to find out that it had already started a nationwide advertising campaign. Bah.

Anyway – I’m still standing by it as a firm favourite. It’s quite a bitter-sweet drink – Aperol has a flavour reminiscent of Campari, but less harsh – yet it’s incredibly refreshing and summery. If you’re feeling fancy, or making drinks for a group, use prosecco – if you’re knocking one up for yourself after work, a dry white wine will be just as delicious.

Aperol Spritz

  • Take a large wine glass (or any large tumbler you have) and drop in a few ice cubes.
  • Fill halfway with prosecco (or dry white wine).
  • Pour over a large splash of Aperol, top up with soda water, and finish with a slice of orange.
  • Optional extra: a little splash of gin makes this particularly special. Trust me.

Best drunk in the evening sunshine with some olives, capers and pistachio nuts on the side. Or – looking at the weather outside the window right now – in your living room, dreaming of the sun.