Varini Private View

written by Melina

If you’ve taken a stroll around King’s Cross recently, you may have noticed something a little different gracing the facades of nine Victorian buildings in Granary Square. At street level the shapes appear to be randomly placed, but once the viewer is stood in the observation point the shapes come together to reveal the full picture.

“Across the Buildings” has been created by Swiss artist Felice Varini, as the third part of RELAY, the public art program at Kings Cross. To celebrate the launch, we worked with ProduceUK to provide drinks and canapés as well as front of house and bar trained Angels. Our staff were on hand during the private view to serve drinks and canapés as well as taking on directional and guest list roles.

Worried you’ve missed out on the beautiful artwork? Fear not. The installation will run up until October 2013 so there is still time to take a stroll and marvel at the amazing geometric forms.

[Client: ProduceUK]