It’s all about the Roller skates

written by Melina

Changing styles are not just limited to fashion and food, promotional staffing also has its fair share of yearly trends. A few years ago we were inundated with requests for staff with motorcycle licenses for campaigns such as Vetrix Superscooter, Martini Squadra & the Sony Photography Awards; whilst last year requests for multilingual staff was high, albeit largely due to the Olympics.

This year, it’s all about the roller-skaters.  We have already executed two campaigns that required our staff to be expert roller-skaters.  Firstly for Cherokee, where our brand ambassadors promoted the brand’s re-launch by bringing a taste of Californian sunshine to Tesco stores, complete with tans, accents and of course the skates.

And more recently for SONY, where our roller-skating promotional staff were used to demonstrate the new SONY Z phone & tablet range, plus promote the newburst mode activity from the brand.

And it’s not just us, RPM have a campaign live at the moment for Maynards which includes retro roller-skating staff.

We help bring our client’s creative concepts to life, so it is important that we have a variety of event staff on our books, with a range of varied skills in order that we can respond to requests for anything from riding a motorbike, being able to converse in several languages or even roller-skating.