Festival Fever!

written by Melina

At Hel’s Angels the first round of festival activity is currently well under way, which means we are busy booking up staff for a whole variety of jobs. Whilst everyone loves a festival, working on a festival site is a skill in itself and our staff bring a wealth of skills and experience that can be hard to come by just using general bartenders or promotional staff.

The Angels we use for these jobs are specially selected because they have that festival fever – the infinite energy and stamina, love of camping and working rain or shine and that ever lasting smile and positive attitude, topped off with a professional work ethic and full commitment.

In addition to the professional skills that are essential when working in a festival environment, using our event staff also allows brands access to a wealth of diverse personal skills. Our Angels often pursue other passions outside of work, so whether you’re looking for staff with a love of history and literature, a CRB check and experience of working with children or the ability to rock up with effortless 50’s quiffs, oozing Shoreditch cool, we have the Angels for you.