Windows Surface at the Gadget Show

written by Guest Angel

*Guest post from Angel Nana*

Surrounded by the shiniest, slickest computers, laptops and tablets, all showcasing the increasingly endearing Windows 8 software, I was tasked with displaying the qualities of Internet Explorer 10.

The wow factor was in abundance, as I swiped, tapped (and occasionally clicked) through the various new features and impressive websites on a 27” touch screen, in a manner similar to Tom Cruise in Minority Report (in my head, anyway). Most impressive of all was the Mixshape website, which, to avoid paragraphs of nerdy rhetoric, took your Spotify playlists and converted them into adjustable, 2-D musical graphs, depending on the mood you had chosen. This was, quite honestly, the hardest part of the job. Scouring Spotify’s expansive database for my favourite songs (which I was allowed to listen to at a satisfying volume), then showing this off to an eager, tech-savvy public. Wicked.

There was a lovely fluidity about the people working on the stand; some were seasoned veterans of Microsoft promotions who knew everything about promoting a fantastic product, to the types that are fabled to eventually inherit the earth, who taught me a thing or seven about using the products on show. All awkward questions were answered with aplomb; no interested party was left disappointed.

The rest of the 6 days were spent with my jaw dropped more often than not; not only from the scantily-clad ladies selling cutting edge solid state hard-drives, but also from the cut price innovative gadgets all within touching distance.

The organisers are not sure if they’ll be at the Gadget Show 2014, as the release of Windows 8 was perfectly in time for this year. Maybe I’ll send an email to to stress that as a temporary employee, it’s an excellent advertisement for how awesome Microsoft is.

[Client: BMB Neon]