written by Melina

Here at Hel’s Angels all of our promotional staff are used to getting an extensive brief before a job goes live, which includes strict notes on their appearance.  So imagine our staff’s confusion when the brief for Kopparberg’s Festival sampling activity landed in their inboxes:


Please ensure that you are clean – everything else is up to you but the edgier you are the better – Shoreditch Style and Urban Cool is what this job is all about!

  • Hair – funky and styled – girls can wear quiffs, head bands etc, boys can wear beanie/caps.
  • Facial hair – bring it on.
  • Jewellery – anything you want.
  • Nails – any colour any design!
  • Make-up – cat eyes and red lips for the girls – even boys can wear eyeliner.
  • Piercings – please wear any facial piercings and earrings you have holes for.
  • Tattoos – all visible tattoos should be shown off TO THE MAX!


During the weeks preceding the festivals, several bespoke casting sessions were held both in London and Manchester to ensure the right staff were selected so the brand could be represented exactly as the client wished.  Our staff not only had to look the part but to also be able to confidently work behind a busy bar.

Here are a few pics of our staff action, proof that, as always, they read their brief: