Turkish Airlines

written by Guest Angel

**Guest blog from Angel Donnla**

When Hel’s Angels were asked to provide some ladies to join forces with Turkish Airlines this month, they had no shortage of eager volunteers.

My impression of Air Hostesses has always been of an impeccably-dressed, impossibly glam; an uber-smiley super breed! Couple this with Turkish Airline’s reputation for luxury and their exacting standards, and you begin to get a feel for what was expected of our girls on the job. The activity was spread out over one weekend – coinciding with the Euroleague finals. (For those who are unaware, Euroleague is Europe’s Premier Club basketball tournament – fans are a die-hard crew and fly from far and wide to support their competing teams). Turkish Airlines sponsor Euroleage and so were involved in many of the events over the weekend.

It kicked off on Thursday with a gala dinner at the Natural History Museum. Four of us were booked to play the role of Air Hostesses at the event. Preened and hair-sprayed to within an inch of our lives, we got to see the museum transform from the hustle and bustle of visiting hours to an elegant and impressive evening banquet hall – complete with an artistically lit dinosaur skeleton that formed the centre-piece of the room!

The rest of the weekend’s activity took place in Trafalgar Square during the day and at the O2 in the evenings. Trafalgar Square was a hive of activity that included mini tutorials on how to shoot a basket and a full size basketball court where games were played throughout the day. Many of the Euroleague fans came along especially to take part and we were on hand to tell people about Turkish Airlines and their relationship with the Euroleague, give away some fantastic freebies, and generally add a touch of glamour to the proceedings!

The games themselves were held at the 02, and we had Hostesses stationed there too to man the Turkish Airlines stands. We all relished the opportunity to play the role of Air Hostess for a few days and to live the glamour, but it also gave us a real appreciation for the level of effort it takes to look that impeccable at all times!

I think it’s safe to say that we probably all recovered from the job by throwing on our favourite onesies and indulging in some serious bed-head – it may be a few weeks before we look at hairspray again!

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