Hel’s Angels help to stop Vacationitis!

written by Melina

A recent survey conducted by Hilton Hotels & Resorts discovered that more than half of the British workforce are suffering from a new health condition. This outbreak, known as ‘Vacationitis’, affects stressed workers who do not take enough time off work.

In response to these findings, Hilton’s PR company Golley Slater asked Hel’s Angels to bring their Vacationitis campaign to life. We produced a branded ambulance – the Hilton Vacation Care Centre Mobile Unit and identified Birmingham and Manchester as the most ‘affected’ cities, where we secured prime locations in key business areas to maximise presence to our key target audience.

We sourced a team of local Hel’s Angels Brand Ambassadors, who became ‘Hilton Doctors’, targeting professional workers and screening them via an online Vacation diagnostic test using iPad interaction. Once our ‘Doctors’ identified which one of the 14 distinct systems of Vacationitis they were suffering from, they then received a personal prescription.

The combination of high production values and our team of energetic Angels meant that loads of stressed city workers were on the road to recovery as a result of the campaign.

[Client: Golley Slater]