bright and febrezey

written by Melina

Ever dreamt of having someone pop round, don their rubber gloves, and clean your car from top to bottom inside and out whilst you sit back and enjoy some well earned ‘me time’?

Well, our bright and ‘Febrezey’ Angels made just that happen for four busy ‘Mummy bloggers’. Our dynamic car cleaning duo arrived at each home armed with an array of lovely smelling Febreze products, including the cute new in-car freshener, and set about transforming the household car! Our team were made very welcome with endless cups of tea, sweet treats and games of hide and seek, with even sweeter kids, as they spruced up the family automobile!

The Febreze products are light and lovely and each car smelled as fresh as a daisy by the time they had finished.

Our team left the Mums with a selection of Febreze products so that they could write and tell their readers all about them and the valet experience in their next blog post. Our Angels were left with the rather yummy taste of the best ‘mum-made’ chocolate brownies in the world!

(Client: Hill & Knowlton)