TalkTalk Toy Soldiers

written by Melina

Tuesday 5th February marked International Safer Internet Day, promoting the safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones amongst children and young people.

TalkTalk launched HomeSafe in 2011, a service which they have developed in partnership with parents and online safety experts!  It protects every device that is using your TalkTalk broadband and is designed to keep the kids safe, alert you before a virus has a chance to reach your front door, and help prevent distractions from homework by setting time limits on social networking and gaming websites.

TalkTalk were working with the team at Good Relations, who got in touch with the Angels.  They needed 10 of the finest toy soldiers (one for each year Safer Internet Day has been running) to march to Horse Guards Parade and protect Clare Richards (of Steps fame) and her family!  We more than happy to oblige and our dashing boys in red sure did cut the mustard.

(Client: Good Relations)