running like hel’s!

written by Melina

So, my ‘best friend’ has cajoled me into running the London Marathon with her. This is not something I ever expected to become a reality! It was always one of those pipe dreams that played on my mind as a “wouldn’t it be nice to do one day”. I am now in serious training and I can assure you nothing about it is nice and the ‘one day’ is here!

It might seem strange to think I didn’t recognise how hard a task it would be. Training in the bleakest winter months, the darkness of evening runs and the general pain of running a long way – but when the place came along and the charity CALM, for who I am running, was suggested, I thought what the hell – I’ll give it a go. But it is a massive task and my way of dealing with this is to liken it to the massive challenge people suffering from debilitating depression have to deal with every day. Those people who CALM, the charity we are running for, is there to support.

CALM, the campaign against living miserably, is a small charity that exists to prevent male suicide in the UK – and they need money to carry on their good work. In 2011, alone, suicide accounted for the deaths of more young men in England & Wales than road death, murder and HIV/AIDs combined. This number increased in 2012.

Sadly, like many people, both Lisa and I have personal experience of losing loved ones and have known three young men commit suicide at an age where they should have been enjoying life and living it to the full rather than fearing it.

Who knows what finally drove these three amazing individuals to take such drastic action but clearly they thought suicide was the only way out. Maybe if CALM had been there for them they would still be here with us?

If by running this race Lisa and I can raise some funds to keep CALM open to those in dire need of it – then we are happy to don our trainers and get running (read plodding!).

WE would be so very grateful if you could spare a few quid to help spur us on and help keep CALM carry on!

If you fancy sponsoring this epic quest – the link is:

Thank you!