To act or not to act?

written by Melina

To Act or not to Act – Increasingly that is the question on the lips of Creative Marketing and Brand Agencies who are looking toward performance based experiential activity more than ever before to boost awareness of brands and products.

There is nothing new in experiential events requiring live event staff to have a level of performance that allows them to successfully promote products. Taking on a ‘role’ to do this is quite normal and a number of staffing agencies, Hel’s Angels included, will not employ staff until they have met them face to face to ensure these credentials. A gregarious nature, a happy and smiley disposition, an ability to interact easily with the consumer and a good deal of common sense are the bare essential skills of any person wishing to be considered as a Brand Ambassador. So it follows that on the books of any live event-staffing agency you will find your fair share of ‘resting actors’. Working for such agencies is a perfect part time job for them as performance skills are something they have in abundance – but now this job suits them even better.

The instances of clients requiring Brand Ambassadors to take on character roles and perform have, in the last 18 months, risen sharply. Over this time Hel’s Angels has worked tirelessly with several Agencies to cast actors for very specific roles to create the best brand experience for the consumer. These ‘character’ staff have worked alongside the more traditional Brand Ambassador roles giving the consumer a truly immersive experience.


Activity requiring in-house Project Managers to become casting directors and holding auditions to ensure the right person for the job is found has become the norm. Such campaigns have included, for Exposure, Bulmers – Experimenters Wanted and WRG, Everything Everywhere – In House Training Activity. White Label requested competent actors to help bring to life their Charles Dickens Tours for Courvoisier and a zombie Vicar and parishioners were requested for Virgin Media. Other agencies that have required actors to enhance the experiential experience are BMB Neon for Windows 7 Nokia Lumia Dare to Live tour and Good Relations for Talk Talk Home Safe.

Obviously this type of immersive activity is not for all and the thought of stepping into a character – be it in costume or not – has some staff running for the hills. This is why it is imperative for us, as an agency, to meet staff at interview stage and get to know them before we send them off into the field. It also ensures that our standards of work are kept high.

This larger than life, more inclusive approach to experiential promotion makes the staff on site more a part of the activity than they might have previously been. One to Ones and Role Play situations generated in training mean relationships between Brand Ambassador and client become closer; brand knowledge is deepened and site activity provides the consumer with a more theatrical experience all helping to keep the product at the forefront of their minds. It is a win, win situation for all.