HA Christmas Drinks!

written by Melina

At Hel’s Angels, we love our staff. We have hundreds of amazing staff on our books with unique skill sets; actors, models, dancers, musicians, DJ’s, writers, illustrators, mixologists and just all round amazing personalities – the list goes on. What do you get when you get all of these people in one place, add a few drinks and a tipi on the roof? You get a Hel’s Angels Christmas party. After all your hard work this year, we decided to treat you to a well deserved drink!

Being fairly new to the team, I was both excited and a little anxious about meeting so many of our lovely Londoners. After hiding in the corner of the Queen of Hoxton for a good 30 minutes, Kim promptly kicked me out of my seat and out into a sea of London staff.

I can in fact confirm that our staff are the least scary bunch ever! Being a Staff Booker, it’s a wonderful thing to see staff in the flesh as it actually helps in choosing the right staff for each job and helps me to get to know everyone a little bit better. It was nice to catch up with those of you who had been away for a while too!

Sadly, the Brighton Team had to dash well before the clock struck midnight (damn you trains!) but we left the rest of you to it and looked forward to having a gander at the photos the next morning – always the best part of Christmas drinks don’t you think?