Windows 8 surface

written by Melina

You must have seen the ad for the new Surface by now? You know the one with all the terribly good-looking people snapping brightly coloured keyboards together and the guy doing a robot dance covered in tablets that make up a picture of another guy doing a robot dance?? Pretty difficult to miss it really! Getting a look at the hotly anticipated Surface in person, however, has proven to be a much greater challenge.

Microsoft launched their first tablet, the Surface, in the UK this October. However, the product is not yet available to buy in stores. So those wanting to get their hands on the new wonder-gadget will need to keep an eye close to the ground if they’d like to arrange a test-run. This is where we at Hel’s come in…

In some of the hippest cafes, bars and office buildings around the city, small teams of Hel’s Angels have been setting up camp. Armed with the new Surface tablets and their expertise, our crew are there to give anyone who is curious a chance to have a close up look at the new tablets and ask as many questions as they like. So far, the response to the Surface has been overwhelmingly positive. If you’d like to see one for yourself, just ask the cool kids where they hang out these days!

(Client: BMB Neon)