windows 8 fast and fun

written by Melina

Our top team of fun loving Angels bought shoppers at Bluewater a bit of unexpected excitement and adventure recently.

We were encouraging passersby to forgo their usual boring stroll down the stairs in exchange for a whoosh, whizz and whoop down the super speedy Windows 8 slide! Not that we had to do all that much encouraging – it turns out there’s a big kid inside us all and thousands and thousands of people took the slide over the three days.

Our team managed queues, made sure everyone was prepared and got participants ready for their close up as they took off – every ‘slider’ was given a free commemorative photo. Our Angels also kept busy (& fit!) carrying shopping down stairs and slide mats up stairs – although we often took the slide back down! A great few days, really capturing the ‘fast and fun’ spirit of Windows 8!
(Client: SLICE)