Atari Arcade

written by Guest Angel

**Guest post from Angel Rachel**

Atari to me screams 80’s, fun, retro gaming. So when I got a call to lead an Atari event in a cool warehouse gallery in Shoreditch I was excited and intrigued!

Microsoft have re imagined some of the best Atari games with new graphics as part of the launch of Internet Explorer 10. The Atari Arcade marks Atari’s 40th anniversary. Our job at this event was to showcase games such as Pong, Centipede and Missile Command in a setting of 80’s music, pick & mix, disco lights and cocktails!

It was a great evening. We enjoyed seeing how excited people were to relive their youth by playing these games in a new way with Internet Explorer 10 – using touch screens and tablets. We also had one of the original Atari arcade machines for those who wanted to keep it old school!

We got to have a play ourselves too, showing people how the games work with the new technology. All in all a fun, retro-tastic job!