Kings Cross Ice Cream Festival

written by Guest Angel

**Guest post from Angel Laura**

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… PAINT! London’s first ever ice-cream festival came to town this year in a whirlwind of vanilla swirl and raspberry ripple. The free, family friendly, two-day festival took over the whole of Granary Square, a huge plaza tucked behind King’s Cross station, complete with a petting farm, ice sculptures and most importantly an ice-cream mural.

And that is where we came in. Two of us lucky Angels had been asked to put our most artistic foot forward and create an ice-cream mural with all the children at the festival. Needless to say, we jumped at the chance. We Angels aren’t afraid to get our hands a bit mucky, no sir!

We arrived on site at nine in the morning and met our contact, the lovely Ben, who showed us to our designated tent. We were met with an enormous six foot blank canvas and bags and bags of paint, paper and glitter… heaven!

We started off by drawing two great big ice-cream cones and a cow (admittedly the cow did look dubiously like a dog, but it definitely improved as the day went on). We then cut out huge circles of paper to become balls of ice-cream for the children to decorate and poured out the paints in readiness.

It was then they arrived. Swarms and swarms of children (and grown-ups) all looking to help us create our ice-cream mural. It was joyous! Each ice-cream cone was decorated with individually painted lollipop sticks and the children wrote messages on the mural all about why they loved ice-cream. A favourite was, ‘I love ice-cream, it is yummy, I love ice-cream in my tummy!’

Needless to say, we were a couple of mucky-pups at the end of it, covered in paint with glitter all over our faces and not of the make-up variety.  Everyone had a huge smile on their face and if I say so myself, the mural turned out pretty ice-tastic too.

After all our hard work, we packed up our paints, threw away the plethora of wet-wipes and allowed ourselves to indulge in a bit of well-earned ice-cream. You would have thought by now we would have been sick of it. But you would be wrong. It was delicious and definitely worth the wait.

It was a tough choice between Morelli’s of Harrods; Gelatorino of Covent Garden; nitrogen ice cream specialist Mad Cap Charlie; and Shepherds of Herefordshire with their award winning ice cream made from sheep’s milk.

In the end we opted for the exotic choice of frozen yoghurt topped with crispy bacon flakes, berries and honey, variety is the spice of life as they say! Or from now on: Variety is the ICE of life.

Now to try and get the paint stains out of my t-shirt…