Sacrilege – Inflatable Stonehenge

written by Guest Angel

**A guest post from Angel Simon – thanks Simon!**

A few months ago, I received a call from Michelle in the Hel’s office asking if I was available to work on what she described as ‘a giant bouncy castle version of Stonehenge’. It sounded too good to be true, but this August, an event called Sacrilege came to London and Hel’s Angels were given the undeniably awesome job of looking after it!

Not heard of Sacrilege? Created by Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller, co-commissioned by the Mayor of London and the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art Sacrilege is a giant, life-size replica of Stonehenge THAT IS ALSO A BOUNCY CASTLE!

Not only that; there is no age limit and it’s completely free! So, as you could probably imagine, it was INCREDIBLY popular, and a crack team of six Hel’s Angels Brand Ambassadors (or as I prefer to call them ‘Bounce Captains’) were enlisted to accompany Sacrilege at each of its London dates, welcoming up to 4000 bouncers a day and making sure they had the best, most bouncy fun possible. It’s a hard life!

Sacrilege still has a few more tour dates around the UK so check out for details and be sure to catch it if you can!