Royal Mint tour

written by Guest Angel

This summer, Hel’s Angels are having a fabulous time working with the lovely people at creative agency Inkling – introducing the British public to a genuine national treasure – The Royal Mint.  The world’s leading export mint make coins for countries all over the world as well as creating and distributing United Kingdom coins – oh and they also made every single medal for a certain sporting event this summer! Our ‘golden’ Angels were given the rare opportunity to tour the site and meet the incredibly passionate and knowledgeable team, before  jumping aboard a specially commissioned Royal Mint Double Decker bus to visit brilliantly British events and shows nationwide.  The public are given a rare chance to learn about the unique history and artistry of the brand and to view and purchase special commemorative coins celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

Our team welcome people to the super sleek bus, show them around the museum, manage stock and sales and give the public the chance to win a commemorative coin worth more than £2000!

It’s a priceless experience and the tour continues until October, so if you’re a budding numismatist (coin collector!) or you just want to pocket a shiny keepsake of this amazing summer, then look out for us at an event near you!

(Client: Inkling)