Mizuno Performance Centre

written by Guest Angel

**Guest post from Angel Lorna**

What a summer of sport it has been so far! Away from the crowds in Stratford at Centre Point on Tottenham Court Road, we were having our own sporting adventures.

At The Mizuno Performance Centre the public had the chance to try on Mizuno’s elite footwear range, have a play, and win prizes –  all for free!  Outside the centre, our street team of Angels were holding yoga classes, performing slow motion races and skipping competitions to gather the crowds; whilst inside we were testing people’s athletic prowess. Success got you a very cool Mizuno t-shirt with a print designed by Hidekichi Shigemoto, the Japanese brush stroke artist.

Mizuno were showcasing their wonderful new elite SEIEI range of footwear.  The whole range is deep purple and yellow and super snazzy.  In Japan purple is a very regal colour – back in the day, purple was a very difficult colour to achieve and only royalty or the very wealthy could afford it. Yellow was chosen to inject energy and life.

There was football and handball to test your speed and agility and a Precision Fit Terminal where you could find the perfect running shoes for you to make you the best runner you can be.  Then – my personal favourite – a 20m Sprint track!  On the track you could wear Mizuno‘s incredible sprint spikes – a once in a lifetime opportunity, these bad boys aren’t available to buy anywhere! You then race against Dan Norton (Rugby Sevens star and Mizuno athlete) who runs 20m in 2.7 seconds flat – faster than Bolt!  I started my sprint at an appalling 4.6 but over the three weeks my PB (personal best – sports lingo) was 3.3.  I’m proud.
As if all that wasn’t enough, there was also a museum displaying the journey of Mizuno and their Heritage. Mizuno started in 1903 , way before any other big sporting brands, and have always worked hard to maintain their level at the top of the industry. Crafting quality equipment, footwear and sports wear for the top athletes to make them the fastest and strongest in their field.

Many amazing athletes came through the door – some sporting shiny medals won only days before. Sally Gunnell, Luke Donald, the Icelandic and the Hungarian Handball teams to name a few. We also met “Mr Olympics” who is quite famous in Japan! He has been to every Olympics in his lifetime and knows everything there is to know about them from record speeds to the athlete’s favourite food, and wears a very impressive gold coat!

In the evenings we closed to the public and hosted corporate events in the centre. Colleagues and friends turned into competitors as everyone went for gold!

Some members of the public came back up to 7 times to try to beat their score from their previous visits and get further up our global leader board – bringing back friends, family and children to share the Mizuno joy. We had two big screens showing live sport throughout the day and it was great to catch little moments of the various events going on too in such a brilliant atmosphere.

We may not have been in Stratford but we definitely didn’t miss out!

(Client: Sledge)