Esti Taste of London

written by Guest Angel

**Guest Post from Angel Rhiannon**

As a self confessed foodie it was a bit of a joy to work at the Taste of London Festival in Regent’s Park earlier this summer.  Mingling with thousands of other food fans and the odd Michelin Chef (Michel Roux was so smiley!), myself and the lovely Aislinn set up stall to sample and sell gorgeous products from Greek Olive Oil company Esti.

Our day began with a tasting session (it’s a hard life) and a brilliant introduction to the family run company by incredibly friendly owner George. In fact the whole family was incredibly friendly  – we met his wife, in-laws and young daughters too!

I had no idea that Olives were so interesting, and that some companies expand their range by simply dying green olives black. Yuck. Not so with Esti, as everything is totally organic, natural and genuinely super tasty.

I Ioved  watching people’s eyebrows raise as they discovered what Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and  Kalamata Olives should really taste like– If I’d had a pound every time someone said it was the ‘best olive they’d ever tasted’ I’d have jetted straight off to a Grecian Olive grove that evening!